Still photography to complement your storytelling

Very often our clients require still images to complement the videography. We have the capability to offer photography services that will bring additional relevance and emotional statements to all of your marketing needs.

Daniel Morgan, Still Photographer

I was always interested in photography when I was a kid. I enjoy the creative outlet it provides and the feeling of growth learning a new skill has granted me.

Examined closely - everything holds interest.  That's why my photography ranges across virtually all subject matter. Still photography grants us the ability to freeze time and capture something in intricate detail. We capture fleeting moments for eternity.  

When photographing people, my approach is informal and conversational.  I aim to catch them in the act of being themselves. I reveal what my subject looks like and more important - what lies beneath the surface. Everyone likes a flattering picture of themselves and that's never been more true than now, since social media has provided us a platform to represent ourselves. My goal in shooting portraits is to produce something people feel truly represents them, that they would be proud to share on a profile or hang on a wall.