Feature Video of the Month

Uploaded by Cave Media on 2019-06-07.

We let our work speak for us.

That's how we tell our story.

By showing how we tell our clients stories.


Loewen Group tells its story about supporting the community through a powerful and fun video about their involvement with Food4Kids.

Cave Media is highly experienced in shooting and producing great video interviews. Here we interviewed Dr. Alexandra Ginty in support of the launch of a book about cancer caregivers - Riding Shotgun.

Motion graphics are a tremendous way to add energy, interest and passion to your storytelling. Here are just a few examples of some of the work we've done to enhance our clients' brands.


This video story for Constellation was created for trade shows to attract potential clients in a powerfully relevant manner.

See how motion graphics bring a product demonstration to dramatic life for North Simcoe Water Jet.

The Resourceful Mother who shares insight into diet and ADD. A great example of teaching and coaching through relevant and approachable video storytelling. 

Video storytelling is an ideal medium for professionals seeking to establish connection and share perspective as Executive Coach Roger Clarkson does in this presentation.

Up and coming talented singer Azim Roy talks about his excitement about music, hobbies, and interests



The Loewen Group held a Food4Kids Charity bowling event at Splitsville Burlington. All proceeds went to help support children in our Halton region. It was a great and fun evening for all who attended